Possible Reasons Why Your Property Won’t Sell

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Once a property owner chooses that it is the ideal time to market their house, they only want it to be sold immediately. The last thing a home seller wants to experience would be to find out that their listed property is not selling and turns out to be expired real estate listing. Usually, before a property becomes an expired listing, the property owner will evaluate why their property won’t be sold.  There are plenty of possible reasons why this happens to property. To know some of them, keep on reading this article: 

The price is too high 

The price is perhaps the most essential aspect that impacts whether your home will sell or not. If you are curious about why your listed house is not selling, you need to first assess whether the price you listed under your property is too high or just enough. Overpricing a property could be the end of your selling intentions. Aside from that, overpricing could really cost seller money for a long time. Before you price your property, you must know and learn how to determine home value. A certified real estate agent will never suggest a listing price by picking a number without considerations. Rather, an expert will let you see a detailed CMA know what the market value of your home is. Hence, you should choose wisely.  

Poor condition 

The easiest way to deter prospective home buyers is when they can observe that your house is in bad condition. If your house is in bad condition and there are obvious repairs that need to be done, there’s a high chance that this is the reason why your home is not selling. Indicators of the poorly conditioned house would be cracks in the home foundation, uneven flooring, dry rot, missing or damaged roof shingles, and stains on ceilings. To determine whether you have such home issues, it would be recommended that you use a pre-listing home inspection before you list your home in the market.  

Sellers are not realistic and flexible 

Home sellers should be realistic and flexible upon selling a home. If the case shows otherwise, there is a high possibility that their property will sleep on the market for a long time. Upon selling your home, you should remember that most buyers will be inspecting your property. Also, remember that not all buyers could inspect your home once it is convenient for you and not all of them will be asking for the whole price. If ever you get repair requests after the home inspection, you should receive them with an open mind and start considering their requests, most especially if they are safety problems. Note that the key to success is to be realistic and flexible upon selling a property. 

 Listed by an amateur real estate agent 

Perhaps the reason why your property is not selling is that you’ve hired the wrong real estate agent. Always remember that to hire professional and reliable agents from Buyers Real Estate Agents and Brokers Servicing Yonkers and Westchester New York is paramount to a home sale’s success. 

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