Ways to Instantly Make Your Room Look Bigger

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Small rooms could be difficult to decorate. But did you know that the color of paint you’ll apply to your room could heavily impact as to how small or big your space will feel and this selection is more than pure color choices. If you paint your room with a color that’s on the darker side, you might realize that it can only make your room appear smaller. But if you apply a start white paint color in a room facing north, your room might wind up to be a sad white room without personality—known as a white box syndrome. To know which color can make your room feel and look bigger, check out the following color options you can consider: 

Stark white 

White is basically an apparent color to choose if you want to make your room feel bigger and without a doubt, light colors can make your room appear larger most particularly if the area is enclosed in natural lighting. Satin or eggshell finishes can help in reflecting light, which makes the illusion of having more space. This color is recommended for rooms that are facing south. 

Soft black 

In the contrary, white might not be the best idea to choose in a room with little to no natural light. Rather, you can go for applying a dark hue color, such as black or charcoal that can provide your space an intimate feel as providing it a look of grandeur—particularly if the trim and ceiling are painted in a similar hue as well. This color is recommended for rooms that are facing north. 

Light taupe 

If you do not want to apply stark white in your entire room but still want to achieve a light neutral paint color for their room, you can actually make a room feel elegant and large by choosing greige or light taupe. This rich tone can make your room appear expensive, hence, you should use this in an area that has little architectural detail to provide it stature. Upon applying this color, it would be recommended to keep some furnishings white in the room so that it can display an airy and light feel to the space. This color is recommended for rooms that has little to no architectural details. 

Blush pink 

You can make a small room appear cheery, light, and brighter by applying a soft shade of blush pink. Aside from that, this color will look amazing during sunset hours. This shade of color will work well in a space or area that can get more natural light and can complement well will light warm neutral tones such as ivory, sand, and beige. To achieve an enveloping feel, paint your ceiling using the same hue. This color is recommended for rooms that are facing west. 

Cool gray 

Light cool gray is the best substitute to a white paint color since it could feel bright and fresh without the pure white’s starkness. This color is recommended for rooms with moderate lighting to get an expansive and cozy feel. Look for the best house painters interior exterior in Yonkers Westchester NY now.  

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How To Brighten Up A Dark Room in Your House?

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Awkward angles, low ceilings, small windows—these are all things that can make an area of your home feel darker than you wanted. However, you can actually improve the brightness of your room by selecting the right colors of paint. According to experts when it comes to interior designing, you must know the ways to utilize color to brighten up even the dullest areas. To know more about this, check out some tips you might want to consider on your own home: 

Keep things cool 

 Cooler colors of pain can recede your walls, which can make the room feel a lot lighter and more spacious.  For better lighting effects, use pale shades of green, blue, and gray. You can also make a dull space warm and bright  

Add a little sunshine 

If you apply a sunny hue, never hesitate to utilize yellow or light terracotta paint colors. This can provide a warm feel in your room. Such sunny hues work well if you want to brighten a dingy and dark place. You just need to be extremely careful and refrain from cluttering the space with brown furniture so the scheme does not turn out to be extremely overpowering. 

Make sure that your ceilings are painted using pale colors 

If your goal is to make your space lighter and larger, it would be best to refrain from using any dark color on your ceiling. White has always been one of the safest options for this. However, never be scared to try applying pale hues and some paint colors, from the golds to greens. 

Reflect your own light 

You need to maximize even the slightest light your room can have in dark and dingy spaces. Choosing a paint with a glossy finish is one of the best ways to reflect back the light into space. This can make your space feel and look lighter. You can also consider painting colors, such as plaster pink, as it can do well when it comes to this concern. 

Never neglect the detail 

Moldings, skirting boards, and paint architraves under light can reflect paint colors maybe in a slightly contrasting hue to your wall’s colors. This will provide you a certain form to your room without being detracted from its brightness. 

Tip to remember: 

If you want to maximize the effect on your room, you should select paint from http://www.mountainairdancellc.com. Both of their commercial and residential paints are of top quality and can reflect into the area and make it seem to be airier and spacious. Also, you can shed some light on dull and stubborn dark corners using a combination of mirrored or light-painted furniture and strategically positioned lamps in your room. 

Those are only some of the tips we can provide you to achieve a brighter room. If you still want to learn more about these kinds of topics, you can always visit our website. Also, you can check out the products and services that we proudly offer.  

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Possible Reasons Why Your Property Won’t Sell

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Once a property owner chooses that it is the ideal time to market their house, they only want it to be sold immediately. The last thing a home seller wants to experience would be to find out that their listed property is not selling and turns out to be expired real estate listing. Usually, before a property becomes an expired listing, the property owner will evaluate why their property won’t be sold.  There are plenty of possible reasons why this happens to property. To know some of them, keep on reading this article: 

The price is too high 

The price is perhaps the most essential aspect that impacts whether your home will sell or not. If you are curious about why your listed house is not selling, you need to first assess whether the price you listed under your property is too high or just enough. Overpricing a property could be the end of your selling intentions. Aside from that, overpricing could really cost seller money for a long time. Before you price your property, you must know and learn how to determine home value. A certified real estate agent will never suggest a listing price by picking a number without considerations. Rather, an expert will let you see a detailed CMA know what the market value of your home is. Hence, you should choose wisely.  

Poor condition 

The easiest way to deter prospective home buyers is when they can observe that your house is in bad condition. If your house is in bad condition and there are obvious repairs that need to be done, there’s a high chance that this is the reason why your home is not selling. Indicators of the poorly conditioned house would be cracks in the home foundation, uneven flooring, dry rot, missing or damaged roof shingles, and stains on ceilings. To determine whether you have such home issues, it would be recommended that you use a pre-listing home inspection before you list your home in the market.  

Sellers are not realistic and flexible 

Home sellers should be realistic and flexible upon selling a home. If the case shows otherwise, there is a high possibility that their property will sleep on the market for a long time. Upon selling your home, you should remember that most buyers will be inspecting your property. Also, remember that not all buyers could inspect your home once it is convenient for you and not all of them will be asking for the whole price. If ever you get repair requests after the home inspection, you should receive them with an open mind and start considering their requests, most especially if they are safety problems. Note that the key to success is to be realistic and flexible upon selling a property. 

 Listed by an amateur real estate agent 

Perhaps the reason why your property is not selling is that you’ve hired the wrong real estate agent. Always remember that to hire professional and reliable agents from Buyers Real Estate Agents and Brokers Servicing Yonkers and Westchester New York is paramount to a home sale’s success. 

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